Please recommend me a MF lens for portrait applications

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Please recommend me a MF lens for portrait applications

I have a Panny Gf1 with a 20/1.7 lens and am looking to get a MF lens for portrait purposes with a shallower DOF than my current lens.

I have shortlisted some lenses and would appreciate if anyone could give me some comments on which fits my requirements?

canon fd 50 1.4
konica 50mm 1.7
konica 40mm 1.8 - found this for cheap, but its seems a bit too soft wide open?
Nikon 50mm F1.8
olympus 50mm f/1.8

Am looking for a lens that is sharp wide open, does not have too violent bokeh and hopefully is under $300 (inclusive of the adapter!). This will be my first MF lens so I would not want to spend too much on it. Having said that, I'd rather not sell it away after a few weeks.

Any other MF lenses suggestions that fits the bill would be appreciated as well.


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