YOUR idea µ4/3 camera

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YOUR idea µ4/3 camera

If you could design your own camera, what would you put in it? Or take out of a current camera? Basically a dream team for µ4/3. Sorry if this has been posted already.

Something like the GF1 but switch the top video button to the same focus button as the LX3

Weathersealing. Nothing like D3 level where you can shoot in rain, but a little bit of moisture protection in humid places such as forests and dusty places such as the desert
Intervalometer mode.

Use the same type of sensor as in the LX3 so I can get that 1/2000 flash sync speed with radio triggers.
A manual video mode a la Canon 5D Mk2
An audio in plug for stereo mikes

(I know the GF1 isn't the best camera for video but I would like to see it's full potential.)


12 (24mm FF equivalent) ƒ 1.4 or ƒ 2 As long as it's as small as the 20mm. A little larger would be fine. As long as the quality is there. Up to $500

50-75 (100mm to 150mm equivalent) ƒ 1.8 or ƒ 2 I don't mind the size as much since this would be a dedicated portrait lens. As long as I can get the smooth, creamy, buttery bokeh. Up to $750

MAYBE a 12-50 ƒ2 or ƒ2.8 zoom for walk around. I don't really care for the size as long as it's reasonable. (Not 24-70 Nikon/Canon size. Maybe half that?)

All lens would need to be AF-S (Manual focusing at the same time as autofocusing.)

Have a distance gauge thing for manual focusing. (Stealth mode esque. For guesstimating distance and focusing like that. Useful for street photography and dark places where it's hard to focus)

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