Appeal of SLR-like M43?

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Re: Appeal of SLR-like M43?

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My idea of pocketable is my Canon Ixus point and shoot, it's smaller than my cell phone (which is quite small). It literally fits into any pocket.

E-PL1 even without a lens is much bigger, and when you put on a lens, forget about it, too big.

Of course IXUS fits into any pocket, E-PL1 fits in some pockets. The other side of the medal is that after you see output from IXUS side by side to output from PEN you wouldn't trust IXUS with a shot anymore.

That's totally false. At base ISO I've taken shots that have been cropped landscape-to-portrait and printed at 8x10 and they look clean and sharp even with the print right up against your nose! And I'm comparing those to similar images from my full-frame camera, which also look clean and sharp just over a much wider range of conditions beyond base ISO.

Just shows that you never actually shoot side by side P&S and Pen. I do. I was quite satisfied with my P&S output until I bought PEN. My wife has pocketable (by your definition) P&S (Pany FX-37) in her purse all the time. So we often end up having the same shot with both. Almost inevitably Pany looks yucky in comparison and goes to recycle bin. Essentially you can crop Pen 3x and it still looks better than P&S resized to match the crop.

In fact, the shot I posted here of the three cameras was taken with one - a shot I wouldn't have taken with either a micro 4/3 camera or my SLRs since I wouldn't have had either one on me.

Yes, that's why such P&S still make sense.

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