Do I need the best graphics card for photoshop

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Re: Do I need the best graphics card for photoshop

Mike P2 wrote:

Hi everyone,

I need to decide on a new graphics card for my PC, that is able to power 2 30" LCD monitors

My priorities are...

1. Reliability and Stability.
2. Performance with Photoshop and Lightroom
3. Prefer less of a power hog
4. price.

So, I am looking at the Radeon 5000 series and my question is, whether the higher end cards like 5870 will benefit Photoshop and Lightroom or are these really just for gamers in which case should I get a mid-range card like the Radeon 5770?

Thanks for the advice.

You should be fine with any graphics card that supports eyefinity, which I believe is the 5770, possibly a slightly lower end card, not the 5500 series. If you are really serious about getting the last 3% of performance out of Premiere, you should look into the NVIDIA QUADRO GPUs, which support the Mercury rendering engine. Otherwise, any GPU that supports OpenGL 2 standards is just fine.

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