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FrancoisduP wrote:

It seems to keep the Oly guys happy to shoot mostly jpeg. Since those cameras can do it. Of course I prefer RAW just because of the range of adjustments one can do on a file before you see deterioration. But a very good JPEG setting is invaluable I think. Consider some basic snapshots where you dont want to spend 5 hours behind the computer converting all the RAw to JPEG.

Yeah... although previously I came to the conclusion that it is hard to anticipate when the shots which warrant RAW will come, so it's safer to just leave it on. Sometimes it is useful just for rescuing a fun snapshot where exposure goes awry, for example... and then there's always the possibility of a decisive moment (warranting utmost care in PP) landing out of the blue. The carefully planned photos which you might chose to switch to RAW for in some ways benefit less (although clearly, where absolute quality is key then it will tend to be the best choice).

Essentially, the most clear benefit of RAW is higher bit-depth, followed by being lossless and offering potentially better demosaicing in PP. I find it hard to believe I'd go back to shooting JPEG on a new DSLR, but the file sizes might put me off RAW a bit... I know disk space is cheap these days, but still - I'd at least re-evaluate JPEG briefly. TBH, if there was a reasonably high quality lossy option with at least 10bits per channel, I'd probably go for it quite happily.

Thanks for the info on the screen. I saw on the website of Katzeye that they can supply a screen with the markings as well...mmmm. Interesting.

There seems to be a pretty strong consensus that Katzeyes are significantly better than the Chinese ebay ones. I'll bear it in mind, maybe splash out at some point.

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