New DP1s Owner's Observations/Experiences

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New DP1s Owner's Observations/Experiences

Hi all,

Been eyeing DPx cameras for a long time. Then, with substantial price drop on DP1s making more affordable than top-of-the-line, small-sensored p&s offerings from Canon/Panny, etc., well, you know how it goes . . .

So received my DP1s a few days ago and have been getting acquainted. While I mostly agree with consensus re DPx and Foveon, here are some personal observations/experiences:

1) It is very slippery! While I appreciate the metal alloy(?) body, that particular material/finish combined with the size and weight make me glad it comes with a neck strap (though I haven't actually dropped it -- yet).

2) For me, the buttons/dial are well-placed. Despite the fact the button labels are all but invisible, I quickly learned button placement and it's already second nature to me. Very intuitive.

3) The QuickSet function is an extremely welcomed addition. I now have everything only a click or two away, except for just one thing: selecting Auto Bracketing (I have the other digital zoom button set for focus area selection). I can live with this.

4) I have yet to "fool" the metering. So far I have left the metering on "evaluative," and it has done a superb job under all sorts of lighting. Very pleased.

5) While I enjoy/prefer the wide angle afforded by the DP1s, it turns out to be REALLY slow in practice, more so, it seems, than just the limiting f4 aperture. For example, I have taken some experimental shots aimed directly at the midday sun. Utilizing Program mode, the camera selected, F9 at 1/200, ISO100. While I have no complaint re this picture's image quality (it was a tiny bit overexposed), it makes me wonder: What could this camera possibly ever meter that would result in a potentially overexposed shot (1/1000-2000s depending on aperture setting)? Both my dslr (pentax) and pocket p&s (fuji) would have warned me of overexposure for this shot utilizing their respective fastest shutter/smallest aperture combinations. On one hand, I'm happy the sigma could deliver the shot, but, on the other hand, as one 'goes down the brightness scale' isn't the sigma going to signal "underexposure" well before other cameras, even with its (alleged) better dynamic range?

6) I must say, I usually agree with the aperture/shutter/ISO settings the camera chooses when in Program mode/auto ISO mode/evaluative metering mode. Very good. It's like it knows to keep the ISO on the lower side unless absolutely necessary, but will increase the ISO once the shutter speed gets too slow. Brilliant. I rarely have to use A or S mode, though sometimes I do have to, of course.

7) I can't understand why so many reviewers/commenters say this isn't a camera for beginners. While I prefer P (or A or S) mode, the camera does have a completely Automatic mode (and an auto ISO made as well) that works quite well. The only thing 'missing' are scene modes - is that the reason for such statements?

8) Image stabilization would be a welcomed addition (difficult, however, as this would be a hardware issue).

9) Option for displaying full-time blinking over/under exposure areas would be a welcomed addition (relatively easy as this would be a firmware issue, though would be an additional battery drain).

10) Option for showing full-time RGB histogram would be a welcomed addition (again, relatively easy as this would be a firmware issue, though would be an additional battery drain).

11) Lens is very sharp. Lens+Raw+Foveon = stunning photos.

12) What a relief it was to leave the house with a capable camera which would produce great quality photos weighing only about 11 ounces, compared to the several-pound dslr bag and equipment hanging wearily around my neck. As someone else said, "The older I get, the heavier my equipment becomes."

All in all, am delighted with my DP1s camera!

Thanks for reading. Responses appreciated.


P.S. If I ever learn how, I will post some DP1s photos.

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