How to get sharp picture with DPx camera

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Re: How to get sharp picture with DPx camera

As unsteady as it seemed to hold at arms length to frame with the LCD, I had no problem getting sharp images with a DP1s--until shutter speeds fell well below 1/60th of a second. Even at slower shutter speeds, most images were fine. Pulling tightly against the shoulder strap around ones neck while holding the camera away from you can steady shots effectively.

Because I expected problems with unsteady shots, I resorted to using a monopod. This assured steady shots at all speeds I used shooting landscapes, even into early evening and last day's sunlight. I finally picked up a view finder (very overpriced, but decidedly useful) and found it easy to shoot steady shots with the little camera crammed tight against my face.

Shooting sharp images with the DP1s just isn't a concern. Auto focus seems to work reliably. I shoot most landscapes between f5.6 and f8. When using manual focus, I set the focus wheel two audible clicks inside infinity with the lens set to f7.1 with fine focus from near to far. Manual focus seems to remove any shutter lag.

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