35mm 1.4 AF-S announcement on Sept 15?

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Re: 35mm 1.4 AF-S announcement on Sept 15?

this was wrong , I re-try the 105f2DC today as Joseph suggested that , I was pretty impressed with it and I think it may be as sharp as the Canon 135f2L but still , the Canon AF much better.

and the 135f2DC flared a lot in Nikon plaza , I think the room had 4 tungsten lights.

pandalee wrote:
I need a new updated 135f2 more than anything else.

In fact, I wished this'd come before the new 35 ,whcih I dont really need since I use the Zeiss.

Current 135DC is not in the same class as the Canon L or Sony Zeiss due to slow AF and bad flare resistance and the DC is not as sharp as the Canon L or Sony Zeiss.

Andre De Angelis wrote:

I have been really anticipating this one for a while and will snap it up.

Nikon is really getting it's act together with primes. Now, all that's left is the 135 F2 update.

andri wrote:

Yes, finally :)!!!

With the 24 1.4, 85 1.4, and this coming 35 1.4 nikon has answered the prayer of wedding photographers who need fast primes more than those 2.8 heavy zooms

No more envy on the Canon glass, which used to be the only ones to own these focal lengths . Nikon is really going in the right direction now

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