Only 36mm for the SD4500 IS -- too bad

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Re: SD 4500 IS Online PDF Manual

gail wrote:

John McCormack wrote: Is this feature similar to the Extra Optical Zoom on the Panasonic cameras, i.e., masking the center part of the image? What effect does it have on image quality?

No, I returned the camera before I had a chance to try it. I suspect it's similar of Extra Optical Zoom and that it would work best when shooting subjects relatively close by, like my s90.

It may be similar to the Enhanced Digital Zoom on the TX1 which is explained at:

Launch the comparison page (with the link about halfway down the first page) to see some examples.

John McCormack wrote:

Canon UK have posted the user manual for the Ixus 1000 (SD4500 IS) on its website for anyone interested. Go to:

Thanks for that John. But looking at the illustrations, it seems to me the Ixus 1000 would be difficult to hold without touching some control with your thumb. For something that size, I think the TX1 pistol grip format and mini-control stick may be preferable. Although that format requires a different arrangement for the LCD, which on the TX1 is smaller than on the Ixus 1000. But even a small swivel screen has several advantages over a fixed one, including screen protection when folded against the body. It all boils down to personal preference.

A quick glance at the Ixus 1000 manual implies that its controls are very similar to those of the TX1. However, I notice that the Ixus 1000 can use a TV screen to show the display whilst shooting, which the TX1 cannot. But the Ixus 1000 lacks the stereo sound recording capability of the TX1, which, although not of the very highest concert quality, is nevertheless a handy function for recording lectures or conference speeches, whilst the camera function can be called on to capture PowerPoint displays.

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