Speaking of blowouts.....

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Re: Speaking of blowouts.....

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Wellington100 wrote:

I rarely see blown highlights on my S5, F70 or F200 but as soon as I go back to anything else including my older Fujis and Nikons, its highlight heaven

A bit difficult to parse the meaning of "highlight heaven" ... that would normally mean that you are in heaven because the highlights are so good. But I take it to mean the opposite ...

Are you saying that you have difficulty shooting cameras with less dynamic range?

Are you aware that most modern dSLRs are pretty close at base ISO to the S5 Pro with DR? And that above 800 ISO they are considerably better?

There is a small sweet spot where the S5 Pro retains a big lead ... that being 400 and 800 ISO ... of course, there is a price for shooting that cam, as it has pretty typical Fuji performance characteristics ...

Over at FredMiranda, long ago an S5 photographer conducted an amazing dynamic range experiment. I cannot find the thread now (very strange) so am going from memory. He shot a portrait of a person, metering normally. The shutter speed was set properly (unknown) and the aperture was at f/16. That was the base image. He then proceeded to over expose one stop by shooting the image at f/11 (same shutter speed). He posted the image. Then at f/8. Then at f/5.6. Next was f/4. Finally at f/2.8. As you can guess, each image gradually turned white. The f/2.8 images was 90% white. These were raw images. Next, the photographer took the raw files and ran them through Fuji's raw converter (Hyper Utility). ONLY in the case of the f/2.8 image could you see over exposure when he was done (and the image was just a hair shy less than useable). The f/4.0 image (over exposed by FOUR stops), looked like it was metered perfectly after procesing. Color was spot on and everything.

That is dynamic range. It was speculated at the time that the Fuji could not do that in reverse (underexpose each time).

I'll find out as I just bought another S5 this week.

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