Got the LX5 and the NX10.... both will go back

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Got the LX5 and the NX10.... both will go back

Hi all,

As a follow-up to my thread the other week, I did indeed order the NX10 with the kit lens and 30mm pancake. Contrary to my expectations, the NX10 felt a bit of a let-down, and I really wasn't impressed with the shots that it produced. The 30mm was the one that got my attention, but my shots with it didn't really produce the output I was looking for - I guess mentally I was associating a camera the shape of the NX10 with DSLRs, though I shouldn't have. I'm not saying they were bad shots, just not as good as I had expected. Seeing how my experience with the TL500 (EX1) blew me out of water, I guess I expected something similar. I will try to post some photos over the next few days.

I also had an LX5 on order, and forgot to cancel it then got the shipping notification. I tried that one out too, and while I find it to be sharper (by a small amount) compared to the EX1, sharpness alone doesn't tell the story. The colors had the dreaded Panasonic rendition of greens and reds in JPG mode, but RAW looked better. Nothing on par with the colors the EX1 produces out-of-camera, which are astounding to say the least. The corner sharpness was visibly better on the LX5 than on the EX1 at 100% pixel peeping, but negligible to barely-there when viewed to fit on a 24" screen area. However, a photo is there to tell the story, and the EX1 is such a joy to shoot with and the output so pleasant that it's a joy to focus on the story itself and not even think of the rest.

A few pros and cons below - this is by no means an exhaustive list, nor in any particular order, just my recollection:

LX5 pros when compared to the EX1
+ Real aspect ratio along the circle of view of the lens
+ Great lens
+ HD video
+ 24fps progressive video (in my book this gets +++++)
+ stronger flash output, though it needs control as it tends to blow highlights
+ great image stabilization

LX5 cons when compared to the EX1

  • Flash exposure compensation used to be easily-accessible on the LX3 by cycling the EV button. On the LX5 it's buried in the menu, or I'm a retard and couldn't figure it out. By comparison, the EX1 has it instantly available on the flash menu.

  • Flash exposure.

  • Movie mode - to set movie options, you have to go into a menu (P/A/S/M), it doesn't follow the photo mode

  • Awkward movie recording button, next to shutter. If anyone's ever shot video, the top-right panel placement of the record button on the EX1 is about as good as it gets, ergonomically speaking. Try it out if you don't believe me. A top-placed record button on a light camera tends to induce camera shake when it's pressed.

  • JPG colors. Just awful (and I have the side-by-side photos to prove it, just need a few more days to have time to post them)

EX1 pros when compared to the LX5
+ ease of use
+ JPG image quality and colors
+ Better flash exposure and control
+ Articulated AMOLED screen. Nuff said.

+ Price. As of 9/5/2010 it can be had for $369 (beach camera via At this price, buy 2 and keep one as a spare, it's just that good.

EX1 cons when compared to the LX5

  • Video. Sort of. SD video of the EX1 is tolerable for Internet video. In my case, it doesn't matter. I have the TL350 as well, which has HD video. And if I need shallow DOF, there's my Canon 5D2.

  • Aspect ratio is achieved by cropping the image, not by following the lens' circle of view

  • Noticeably larger - though this also confers it stability.

  • Weird menu option unavailability based on certain selections. This one I can't make excuses for, gotta be lazy programming by their developers.

  • Shot bracketing and self-timer on the same dial. Really? So I can't put the camera on a flat surface for bracketing and use the self-timer to avoid camera shake? How retarded of Samsung.

I might think of other items to add later. Photos to follow.

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