Photography as a "premium" hobby?

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Photography as a "premium" hobby?

I was thinking about this a bit, and came to a conclusion that after digital became mainstream, photography has become quite an expensive hobby.

Sure, compacts are cheap, entry level DSLRs are (relatively) cheap, but it's no longer possible/advisable to use older lenses on new bodies.

This has nothing to do with Olympus which you can at least adapt most lenses to, but generally for all the manufacturers.

While film was still mainstream, you could've bought 3 fast prime lenses and a body for around the same you have to pay now for a entry level body + slow kit lens.

And now for few primes and a digital FF body, you have to pay huge amount of money.

Sure, the quality is significantly better, it's easier to make good photos with, you've got auto focus, fast operation, lcd etc, but it's not really affordable unless you can justify the investment with a profession within the field.

Since AF and digital bodies, MF has become quite difficult with the lack of split prism screens and general reduction in VF size, for example a cheap and old Olympus OM-2000 has a viewfinder easily twice the size of a new 5Dmk2 or D700 in a much smaller and lighter body.

I understand manufacturers are trying to sell "newest and greatest" at premium prices, but I can't help but to think that some things were "easier" before.

Right now a 50mm 1.4 costs 400-500$ € and you can pick second hand MF lens for 1/10th or less of the price, but you don't have a good body to put it on (except for the old film bodies) because digital 35mm cameras are ridiculously expensive and not great for MF.

I think there could be a market for a cca. 500$ € FF camera with 8-12mpix, slow fps, no AF, large split prism VF and a lot of manual controls in a small and compact body.

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