Wide Format Printing Expiriences?

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Wide Format Printing Expiriences?

The Printing Form is Pretty Lame over there... This is where it's at. The most knowledgable folks on the Internet Where Digital Photography is concerned.

Problem... I love my Mk IV, and all new L Glass to death... But with the Pixel Boost, My 9000 Pixma Pro is looking a little long in the tooth. I'm yearning to print out some 17X25's Maybe Even 24X36's.

On A side note I was surprised that you have to interpolate a little to get to 18X27" by Processing @ 180dpi in C1 Pro to get that size... I thought a 90mb file would be big enough, but what did I know coming off a 1D Original @ 4.1mp.

Back To the Printers... What I am concerned about is I'm thinking about the Epson 3880, OR The New Canon ipf6300 I know it's a big jump between the two, but I figure the 6300 is about the SAME SIZE as the 5100, and it goes from 17" Prints for the 5100, to 24" for the 6300!!! So If I'm going to have a Monster, it might as well put out Monster Prints.

Trouble IS... I've never messed with a Pigment based INK printer or even seen any output they had some terrible examples at B&H printed on Greeting card paper!, and my friend says because I print GLOSSY, I would not like it.

I love the fact that my 9000 puts out film based looking prints, and he says the wide formats don't look like that, That they look Layered and Weird! I think I know what he means if you look at them at a angle you can see the different layers of ink... He says I would not be happy.

I don't want to go to B&H, and spend all that money and lug that thing back over here, and set it up to be disapointed!

Does anyone have expirience with these two, and could offer any opinion about how the output looks on glossy compared to Conventional Inkjet's like the Canon 9000/9500/9900?


Tony B.

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