Not sure if my new 70-200 VRII is faulty - don't know how to test

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Not sure if my new 70-200 VRII is faulty - don't know how to test

Hi there,

I bought my 70-200 VRII from my local friendly dealer back in June 2010 since I'd heard so much good stuff about this lens, how sharp it is and wanted one so that I could take pictures of children on stage at school (parent pics basically).

Now, I'm NO expert, but I'm also (usually) no idiot either (okay, maybe sometimes), but the first occasion I took this lens out to take said pictures of my son and his school chums performing on the school stage, I was really disappointed with the results - they weren't this so called 'tack sharp' I'd paid £1700 for......

NOW, I will say, that back then when I took those pics, my focussing technique was suspect and I even called the dealer to tell them of my dissapointment and they reckoned that the way i was focussing was not ideal (basically I was keeping the focussing point in the centre of the viewing screen and using the AF-ON button to focus on an off-centre subject and then recomposing and shooting. Basically, they said that I needed to compose, then use the Jogwheel to move the FP to the subject's position that I wanted to focus on, and then apply AF-ON and take the picture. So I kinda accepted their advice since, mathematically (or rather trigonometrically speaking it made sense).

More recently, I tried some tests in the garden....

In this image I composed this shot as is, and moved the focus point onto the rose and pressed the AF-ON button - I then took the shot.

The details are;

1/6400, f2.8, ISO 400, 200mm focal length.

And the rose I focussed on at 100% cropped looks like this;

No sharpening or any other changes have been made to these images - these are strictly out of the box RAW images.

Can you experts on this wonderful forum tell me if this lens is performing as expected. And IF NOT by these pictures alone, how I, a relatively inexperienced lens tester, can tell whether this lens is a good un or a bad un !!!!

BTW, I have a 105mm f2.8 Micro lens and that lens always makes me say 'wow' at it's sharpness - this 70-200 seems dull in comparision to me.......

Many thanks.

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