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Re: Canon IP4700 personal mini review.....

Yoddle Laheehoo wrote:

Hi Bob, thorough review. Thank you for that. I used to have a pixma 4300 that unfortunately died on me about six months ago. I replaced it with a multifunctional but am also looking for a dedicated photo printer. Your review is very helpful, especially the part about refilling.

Although not directly related to your review, could you maybe elaborate a little bit on the refill procedure that you use? You mention flushing cartridges, clean the sponge, purge moisture, let air dry, top off with 3 ml... When I refill I just take the cartridge and fill it up with ink. Sometimes the ink gets sucked into the sponge right away and I have to refill again, but it also occurs that the ink I inject stays in the ink reservoir and is not absorbed by the sponge. I'd appreciate your advice on how to refill.

Thanks for reading,


Just read my parts 1 & 2 posts here that will answer most of your questions.

As far as I'm concerned refilling requires monitor and custom printer profiles to use 3rd party inks to where you will obtain acceptable colors. I suggest the ColorMunki as it is reasonably priced to perform both the printer and monitor calibation.

Second, I believe that you need to flush all the old OEM ink out of the cartridge as the OEM and 3rd party ink will mix and not give a meaningfull ink gamut to profile as it will change over time as new ink is added until it is basically 100% new 3rd party ink. Yes, you can refill without flushing the cartridges but it could take many refilling cycles until all the old OEM ink is not a factor in the ink mix anymore.

The reason that some sponges absorb more initial ink than others, is how much ink is still left in the empty cartridge sponge, in other words was the cartridge used until all ink stopped flowing, or pulled early. Also how long did the cartridge sit and dried out the ink in the sponge before refilling. It's also important to replace cartridges when the printer says they are empty, continuing to print can cause a cartridge to run out of ink which is a cooling medium for the print head which can results in frying a print head.....I know!

I hope that all of this helps you, if not keep asking questions as I, and others, on this forum can hopefully answer them.

Bob P.

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