Dust in 17-55mm

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Re: Do not send it in to get it cleaned

You just hear about those things because no one has any complaints about it's performance.

I don't think it's really "prone" to those issues, it's just that those are the only negatives about the lens (other than the cost, and it's heavier/bigger than a typical kit lens... and it's EF-S if you're planning to go FF in the near future) so that's what people bring up.

I would not let the dust/IS thing dissuade me from getting this lens. The cost, yes. The size, not so much to me, but it might matter to some. And, if I was planning to get, or had, a FF camera that would something to push me to a different option. But even if the worst happens (IS fails or dust gets so bad you decide you can't live with it), you're talking less than $200 after about 4 years for a repair and cleaning.

manajer wrote:

I'm seriously looking into this lens but i've read a few threads similar to this one about problems with it. To all of you guys, is the IQ worth it even though this lens is prone to dust issue and IS failure, considering that it's quite expensive?


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