Some pictures with the DP1

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Some pictures with the DP1

Hi Folks,

I've just learnt how to post images into the thread, but clicking on the image does not take you to the on-line site.


I recently got a Sigma DP1 as a gift. At first I thought, "Oh, what a clunky camera!", as I had read about its "limitations" while researching the Foveon sensor. But I started using it, rather as a challenge, as the giver had said, "Here's a better camera (than my other P+S)." Well, I have since told him how right he was. It's my first raw-capable camera, and I'm glad for that. Meantime, I've been also trying to overcome its fixed lens restriction by cobbling up various optical aids from my other gear, like telescopes, CU lenses.

I am now considering getting the SD15.


Below are some images from the SigDP1 folder on my upload site. They are not full size, but elsewhere on the site you will find them at full size (14MP jpegs, some cropped). Clicking on the folder link will give you access to other folders as well, though many of the other pictures are not taken with the DP1.

SigDP1 folder:


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