Diagonals--why was this DQ'd??

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Diagonals--why was this DQ'd??

This is what I wrote to the challenge host, in response to my DQ. (I got his notification, which said that it had been DQ'd due to the lack of "any nearly perfect diagonal" in my image.) My response to him is directly below the 2 following images.

Hi there,

You accidentally DQ'd my entry, saying that you could not find any "nearly perfect diagonal" in my image. Actually, the concrete cones are a diagonal and the while line on the pavement next to the cones are a diagonal.

My image actually won a photo competition (at Santa Monica College, in California) in the category "Diagonals", so I am very very confident that my photo does meet the challenge rules.

Please take another look, and re-enter my image. I know that there are now already 100 entries. But since I entered my image on-time, and since the DQ was not due to any fault on my part, please correct your error and add my image.

(Please note that "diagonal" does NOT mean a line at a 45 degree angle. To quote from one of the many dictionaries, "Having a slanted or oblique direction." I am sure that if you HAD wanted to limit the diagonal lines to only 45 degree ones, you would have put that extra limitation in the additional rules section.)

I am enclosing 2 links. One to my original images, and one to another version I just created, where I drew large black lines pointing out 4 of the actual diagonals in my image.

Thanks in advance for your attention. I hope it will not take more than 2-3 minutes to correct your mistake and add my image again.

[I then included the direct links to my original image and to the version that had the "helpful" black lines added]

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