70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 IS L lens examined; approx. price

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but what aperture at 200mm?

Mike Sandman wrote:

I was at Can Expo 2010 today in Ny Coty and had a chabce to examine the new 70-300 lens. It's a bit more than an inch (3 cm) shorter than my 70--200mm IS L. The diameter is, well, large. It's a lot fatter than the 70-200 IS L. There's an inner lens barrel at the end that extends out about 3" (7 cm) as you zoom. The focus ring is close to the camera body and the zoom ring is near the end of the lens. There's a zoom lock.

It focused very quickly and silently even when aimed at an area with low light, at least on the 60D it was mated to. The zoom movemennt was nicely damped and smooth. There's manual focus override.

The lens barrel looks and feels like a solid hunk of metal. It's moderately heavy, but definitely hand holdable on the 60D and probably a 5D Mark II. I held the new 300 mm f/2.8 lens for compariative purposes, and that lens is REALLY heavy and definitely not something you want to hand hold for long.

No telling just from handling it what the image quality will be, of course. The Canon rep I talked with consulted a piece of paper in his pocket and said the list price will be about $1500 in the US, although that hasn't been finalized. Presumably the street price will be somewhat less.

Based on the handling, I would expect that the 70-300 IS L will cannibalize some portion of the market foir the 70-200mm f/4 IS L, but it's somewhat heavier and more expenisve than the 70-200.

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Mike Sandman

did you check what aperture it can manage at 200mm?

man nobody at expo is doing this critical test
too bad i got sick

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