Retouching Foveon Images [IMG]

Started Sep 2, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Won't sit well with Sigmauser01

From his previous post:

For everyone missing the point of the post:

I was simply making the statement that the Foveon RAW files have a lot of great information in them for re-touchers to use. Nothing more, nothing less. The post has nothing to do with the style that these images were (very quickly) edited in. I can see it went way over your heads. I hope your arms are long.


I am not anyone's therapist. What’s with all the hate? Do you guys just really love negativity? You seem to really enjoy projecting your insecurities on other people for no inexplicable reason. You need to deal with your issues on your own time, not take up other people’s time by posting them on the internet. Stop being so selfish.

That's a lot of abuse in one single post.

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