Legacy Nikon speedlights

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Re: Warning on Using Legacy Speedlights

Chazbo wrote:

Don't, DO NOT attach a SB-25 to a digital Nikon. You run the risk of frying the camera (post the question on Nikonians, or do a search of Nikon).

Sometimes, we have to scream out: RTFM!

All Nikon bodies are capable of triggering up to 250V -- the User Manual for the D40, D90 & D700 states it clearly.

From the D40 Manual:

Use only Nikon Speedlights. Negative voltages or voltages over 250V applied to the accessory shoe could not only prevent normal operation, but damage the sync circuitry of the camera or flash. Before using a Nikon Speedlight not listed in this section, contact a Nikon-authorized service representative for more information.

The link below is very useful, as it shows trigger voltages for various flash units:


SB-25 triggers at 3.68V
SB-26 triggers at 5.4V

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