Anyone using one of the Mirrorless camera here?

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Re: Anyone using one of the Mirrorless camera here?

I own a EP-2, it has it's pros and cons. DR does suffer a bit, and image quality isn't quite up to FF obviously, the AF is much worse and DOF takes a bit of a hit.

But it is small, light, still takes great SLR like photo's, has a few tricks up it's sleeve (pic modes / awesome "double exposure" feature that lets you compose the second shot well and more..), takes surprisingly really great video's, and my favourite part is the EVF - 100% view, really bright but best of all it's like a movie theatre to review your photo's, it's like sitting in the darkest room with just your photo to look at, absolutely brilliant, when I take photo's with my canon I slip the card into the Olympus to look at on the EVF and it offers a totally different and superior option of reviewing, much better than my computer screen also since there's usually a small amount of ambient light filtering through, this lets you concentrate wholeheartedly on the picture. I'd love to see them coming into DLSR's actually but that's another debate..

All in all it's basically a travelling take anywhere camera, and a great compliment to a FF DSLR, i'd never look at p&s for this role. It did seem for a while people were selling their DSLR systems and buying into it but it's really two distinct systems that work well together because with both you can balance weight and high quality, ergonomic functionality of the big DSLR's, with small, lite, and yet still fairly high quality pictures.

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