Canon's direction is unappealing to me

Started Aug 26, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon's direction is unappealing to me

Torch wrote:

Agree. There is something about Canon that is irritating like they are intentionally holding back.

The last upgrade for me was a T1i and no more flash or lenses. I go to other brands for innovation. You have to be a crop addict to keep chasing pixel increases without the IQ improvement.

I think this is a good idea - for all of us.

Just looking your post history a bit "Good stuff ! My 40D is seldom used because those shots have similar sharpness I get out of the E-PL1 and kit lens" - yep, too bad the 10MP 40D does only as sharp as the 12MP micro4:3

I am not convinced Canon quality and focus are under control either.

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