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Re: Condor, go back to bed.............

Bexter wrote:

Condor99 wrote:

beakydave wrote:

Condor99 wrote:

Well maybe you think it is crazy but I sure don't. I have never gotten a spot on any sensor on any DSLR because I don't change lenses in the field.

So, enlighten us - you're in the field and find that you need to change lenses - what do you do?

I take one camera body and one lens with me into the field. I don't change lenses in the field. I would rather miss the shot.
Tom Seiler
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I've changed lenses in all sorts of places, deserts, jungles, rain, snow, dust and get some dust on my sensor but I don't regret it for a second. One lens only makes a SLR/DLSR mostly pointless other than the low noise and high ISO capabilities but all the different lenses allow us so much more.

I can't afford 2 or 3 A700's so have to change my lenses in the field, not in a clean room.

I think it's all been a bit of a wind-up - and Tom seems to have been banned as a result, or for some other indiscretion

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