Powershot S3 battery drains too fast + wrong metering

Started Sep 1, 2010 | Discussions thread
Billx08 Forum Pro • Posts: 11,373
Re: Powershot S3 battery drains too fast + wrong metering

Ikari120378 wrote:

Billx08 wrote:

NiMH (and NiCad) batteries run cooler than alkalines.

How about Eneloops? It's the same as NiMH, right?

Yes, Eneloops and the other "pre-charged" batteries are all NiMH. They're actually better than standard NiMH batteries (which usually have higher mAh ratings) because they have a lower internal resistance, and with lower internal resistance you get less internally generated heat. The best reason to use Eneloops and other "pre-charged" batteries is that they hold most of their charge for a very long time, more than a year. Standard NiMH batteries are much worse even when new, and as they age can lose most of their charge in a few weeks even if they aren't used after charging.

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