Canon vs Zeiss lenses - which is better?

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Re: Canon vs Zeiss lenses - which is better?

Have to agree, there are some die-hard, biased Zeiss people here and although I have Canon stuff like the 85 1.2, 24L II and 24 TSE II, I would never consider either one inferior. Actually, the Canon 85L 1.2 is a bonafied legendary lens that is actually incredibily sharp wide open. In fact, I will most likely get at least the 21mm Distagon though.

grafixstop wrote:

Better for what?
Lens performance varies greatly and can be manipulated by camera settings.
Sharpness? Contrast? Distortion?
Case in point - 85mm on a Canon 5dMkII same camera settings

Zeiss - f1.4 great center, sharp contrast, flimsy build quality (comparative), marginal
(for me) cosmetics

Leica - f1.4 (80mm) - tremendous color, 3-d like image, terrific bokeh, superior
metal construction, manual use

Canon f1.2 - great picture, completely automatic focus and exposure - and to my
mind blows the others out of the water for quality and ease of use.

Have tried the 50mm and the 28mm and don't consider them worth twice the cost of the Canon alternative, but they do have an identifiable "look" that a
serious photographer may pay for.

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