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My tone has always been same. It's the insecure fan boys that assumed me as troll. I made a comment and explained why I thought so. Yes, I was at work and didn't respond to innane comments by fan boys.

453C wrote:

I started trying to sort through the nested quotes and gave up.

Perhaps an analogy is in order. You don't spit on someone's mom, then expect to be invited to dinner. Similarly, you don't start off a thread in a competing forum with a poorly thought out death proclamation of that format, then expect to be embraced.

I reponded to you with, "Second, the OP repeatedly failed to respond to several posts that attempted to engage him in a meaningful way." At the time I wrote that, wish1510 had already made a few responses that were, shall we say, lacking. To wit, "buzz off" was his defense. As he obviously had time to post, time to reach a keyboard wasn't a factor.

Since you're been away, wish1510 has responded in a much less inflammatory way, and has received several considerate responses. If he'd used that tone and posted his views accordingly, I doubt anyone would've been tossing the troll label around, at least not with as much support. Your generalization of, "Any time anyone has anything negative to say about m4/3 people here would call him troll." is simply false. wish1510 asked for it and he got it. Now, he's more of a cuddly NEX gnome than a troll, and we're going on a pub crawl this weekend.

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