Considering ditching Canon (after 30 years) ... getting left behind

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Re: Considering ditching Canon (after 30 years) ... getting left behind

pavinder wrote:

Having bought a T90 30 years ago and been a dedicated Canon user ever since, I now find myself disillusioned with current developments and Canon's apparent lack of keeping up with progress.

I am in no doubt they still have some of the best stuff on the market, the 5DMkII being a case in point, but 2 years down the track and when many manufacturers are bringing out far lighter cameras which do almost the same job, or have incredible new functionality, Canon seem to be sticking to the old concept of big, heavy cumbersome SLR-style cameras or lacking-in-latest-ideas pocketables.
And with uncompetitive prices.

Sure, many seem to think that new functions (in camera HDR, 3D shooting, HD video with full control etc) are just "toys" but to me they are the future of photography.

Some features are simple software tricks that can be done more effectively with post-processing software. HDR is one of those. 3D is still a gimmick, and I'm not sure it's going to have mass appeal.

Do I want to spend ¥200,000 on a 5DMkII body when ¥60,000 will buy a NEX-5 with more functions, more portability, just as much control, and only slightly lower-quality images? Nowdays most images are for electronic media anyway, and huge-sized prints are a rarity compared to 20 years ago.

NEX-5 is ok if you don't want to use external flash, or long focal length lenses. I wouldn't want to use the equivalent of my Canon 100-400 on a NEX-5 while holding it out in front of me.

It's not aimed at the same market that a 5D series camera is.

As the market has changed, needs change, and I'm afraid Canon doesn't seem to be filling these needs as well as others. It's advancing technologically, certainly, but seems stuck in the same model as before.

Most of us aren't professional sports photographers, so the difference between 10fps or 20fps or even 30fps is completely irrelevant. Slightly faster autofocussing makes no practical difference. 12800 ISO vs 25600 ISO - for a tiny minority that's important, for most of us - so what?

I'd be happy to be convinced otherwise, but do others think Canon is missing the boat?

I'm very happy with my 7D. If you don't like what Canon has, there are plenty of other manufacturers with plenty of models to choose from.


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