The real problem with the 60D

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Re: The real problem with the 60D

mpix345 wrote:

I think the investment in glass part is why some people feel that Canon owes them a better option than the 60D. I don't really agree with that, but I think I understand the viewpoint.

I would have hoped that the 60D would offer something innovative. Real AF for video comes to mind. I know Canon has the R&D skill to push the envelope a bit, but they seem content to not lead the way. While that may be a good business decision for them it is not very rewarding for me as a consumer. I'm not a pro photographer and I never intend to be. I know that I am the limiting factor in what I shoot with most any DSLR. But I appreciate my gear and I like technology. Canon simply remixing the same old features does nothing for me, except make me look real hard at Nikon, Panasonic and Sony.

thats a good point

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