85Afg F1.4 Lens-new

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Re: Sounds good

I was very impressed with the 24-120VR and not really with the 85G , the 85G is a great prime but at 1700 it must be a bit better than that at f1.4.

And at f1.4 , my Canon 85L2 is sharper and more predictable, at least the new Nikon 85 is better than old Nikon D or the Zeiss ZF2.

that said , I just ordred the new AFS85f1.4G because of its very relaible AF and small sized barrel with some sealing.

I know it is fatter than the old D but smaller , much smaller and lighter than my Canon L2.

The Nikon 85G is a great small prime ,with fast AF and very good build.

even at the cost of ultimate wide open sharpness , it is so impressively small .........if not shooting at f1.4 -1.6 all the time , the new 85G is a nobrainer, it will blow all other similar lenses.

It is insanely sharp from f1.8.

Now, I am sure I will sell my Zeiss 85f1.4ZF2 and 100f2.
And wait for new Nikon AFS135f2DC.

But I dont know if I ever sell the Canon 85L2 since it is the sharpest ever made lens at f1.4.

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