Shutter noise - D3s vs. D700

Started Aug 30, 2010 | Discussions thread
pc168 Senior Member • Posts: 2,275
Re: Shutter noise - D3s vs. D700

I had the 1DMkIII before switching to D700. It seems the 1DMkIII is a bit quieter. But other than that, D700 is a lot better in all other aspects.

calson wrote:

The Canon 1D Mark III and IV have a much quieter shutter in single shot mode. I suspect as fps was increased the shutter and mirror mechanisms became louder. My D2x was a lot louder than my D1x and the D3 was no improvement.

Shutter noise is one aspect of camera design that has been largely ignored by both Canon and Nikon (who does not even try to minimize their very loud cameras).

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