Wedding photographers... how was your summer?

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Re: Lower close rate means more selling - a part you hate

I don't know what it's like in the U.S. but here in Oz there is heaps of work "in your own backyard" so to speak.

Football clubs play everywhere in all suburbs. I found by networking and producing a top quality product that there is a lot of work around.

I target clubs which have used larger organisations to do their team photos using casual photographers.

I can offer services they can't - flexible, personal, consistent reliable quality, know how to deal with young kids.

Do that and the work flows in. I now have to make the decision whether I want to take on more work, expand and hire shooters to help me or plug along on my own with a regular supply of regular bookings.

I had the offer to help a friend with a wedding last week but turned it down - 5 hours out of my day which was better spent on processing team photos which have already been paid for. I enjoyed weddings once - not anymore unfortunately.


Shockeyy wrote:

Man if I could earn the money shooting sports I would never shoot another wedding.
Good on ya.
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