Voigtlander Ultron 40mm F/2 exc. test shots - beats Nikkors! says Ken Rockwell

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Voigtlander Ultron 40mm F/2 exc. test shots - beats Nikkors! says Ken Rockwell

Finally decided for it vs the alternatives. It very compact, "pancake" and comes with a free Voigtlander close-up lens. Nice touch. According to the .de reviews (unfortunately only tested with APS-C camera it is very sharp. I shoot it with a FF Nikon D700, and the pictures are indeed very sharp, with some unavoidable vignetting and softness in the corners. This is shot at F/2 handheld ..


The bokeh is acceptable, at all apertures, except if you have small lights when it is not as smooth as a regular non-pancake Zeiss for example


or with more difficult bokeh

So I see Ken tested it recently on a D700

His comments are rather superlative: he compared it to the Nikon 35, 45 and Nikon's sharpest, the 50mm 1.8 AF-S. Thanks to its modern design and aspherical lens

".. decades ahead of Nikon; even at f/2 in the corner of FX it's sharp and clear at high magnification.

Under even more stringent test conditions it it a tiny bit less contrasty at f/2 in the far corners, but still easily superior to anything from Nikon.

Criminy, it's worlds ahead of LEICA's 1973 40mm f/2 SUMMICRON-C, and seems as good as LEICA's newest 35mm f/2 SUMMICRON-M ASPH".

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