K7 new owners’ first impressions

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K7 new owners’ first impressions

Firstly hello to everyone on the forum, im a new registered user here, but I’ve been frequenting DP review for a number of years…my reason for joining and posting here was to give new or prospective owners of the Pentax K7 my impression on the camera body and the reviews I’ve read online .

To start with, my background is SLR film cameras with exposure to Prosumer compact digital cameras .

After some soul searching I decided Id bite the bullet and join the DSLR family , I’ve been waiting for full frame cmos sensors to be a realistic price…but that hasn’t happened as quickly as I thought it would..so a cropped frame cmos sensor it is . { or wait another two or three years :{ }

After some research I was looking at the Nikon D 90...Ive always liked Nikon gear, but I’ve never owned one due to the high Nikon tax..But they have always been a manufacturer I’ve respected , the D90 felt great in the hand and Im sure would have been a great choice…that was until Id seen the K7..

The K7 has impressed me in so many ways, firstly the full Mag/alloy body...{ I love them tough} the smaller body , I must admit I hadn’t realized the DSLRS were so big!, the selection of lenses and the easy usability of the k7 were again points that weighed in its favour also the weather seals that the body has , again told me that pentax were thinking when this DSLR went from drawing board to production.

Ok now to reviews…every review I’ve read has talked about the old fashioned menu system that the K7 has…well I don’t know about you guys, but I found it to be intuitive and easy to use, I had the K7 up and running in minutes without even looking at the instruction booklet..And only have started to read now to get the finer points of the K7 squared away in my head..So the menu system for me is great..

Noise at high ISO is also tallied about the reviews..We used to call it Grain in film cameras! I must admit if I hadn’t read the excellent review at DPreview it would have put me off the K7 , but as the review has stated if the image is captured in RAW , all the compared DSLRs were the same, so it’s not that the image is captured any differently with the K7..It’s just that the cameras internal Jpeg conversion doesn’t add as much noise filtering that the other DSLR’s do , noise filtering is at the expense of image detail .so if noise { grain} is going to be a problem with a low light captured image..Then capture in Raw and deal with the noise in post production if it’s a problem, I don’t mind some noise, particularly in BW, as it adds effect in some instances .

I’ve read about shutter blur at some shutter speeds, but all the images I’ve seen online thus far have been very very good, and some quite incredible , so I’m open minded about that problem, if indeed it is one

This camera drips quality in its build, feel and controls. Id go as far to say it a photographers camera rather than the mum and Dad Canon/Nikon offerings so often seen in JB HIFI and the like that it competes with,

I’m sure that I will be very happy with my choice of the K7 and hope to publish images here in the future months.

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