Questions about EOS 7d before I buy

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Thanks Karl for the correction

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

rodbam wrote:

One point to watch for is the different way the 7D does its exposures I found using "Evaluative" like I did on the 40D led to me getting some overexposed highlights depending on where my focus square was in the shot as it seems to favour the area in the focus square in its calculations.

Not quite. The 7D evaluates all focus points always (whether selected or not) and uses the result to determine what the subject most likely is - and then calculates the metering for the subject. This kind of metering is new and sometimes the result is unexpected for someone switching from a xxD to the 7D but once you get to know this you can rely on it more than you could on any metering in xxD cameras...

The 19 points are in an array more grouped around the centre so how does Evaluative differ from Centre weighted average? In my exposures I often balance the exposure between the subject & the surroundings depending on the type of light. If I meter in Evaluative which is right for the subject is it just a matter of going to minus one stop to allow for a bright sky which might be out of the focus squares?

Now this has come up I will have have to re read the manual, never a bad idea is it:-)
Regards Rod

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