Fairly resent photos for CC Green heron and Fireworks

Started Aug 26, 2010 | Discussions thread
cary smith Senior Member • Posts: 1,596
Re:Question to all the viewers out there

The fireworks and night shots are a type of "landscape" images. Hence, they should follow landscape principles of composition. I'm not going to go into it more, go here -

I will skip the birds except for your recent last one in above sunset post.

First, I do like the overall exposure for the sky, sand, and bird. But playing with it could possibly make it better. A good try and start.

The main problem with image is that the bird "merges" with a lot of the surroundings. The birds back is not separated from the branch. The pointed stick shooting up left is very distracting and looks like it might be coming from the bird. The lower part of the birds body is not distinct from the grass. In other words, it is hard to see the bird distinct from the branches and grass. The sun's position and size is not good. I would like to see it half way or more down on the horizon. And larger in the image.


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