Towards a disappointing Photokina ??

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Towards a disappointing Photokina ??

Hello everyone

as the kina is only 3 weeks away , it just occured to me that the excitement of the photokina that I and lots of other people may have had is maybe fading away

For the last few years , even if the big manufacturers keep some new products up their sleeves for the day before the show , it has been a trend that lots of new products announcements are made weeks before the show
If you think back just as of june , there were many exciting possibilities for :
small cameras with ILC from other manufacturers beside Olympus and Panasonic

some serious updates on real goof cameras like the Nikon D700 or the E3 or the Pentax k7
a pro olympus m4/3 body...just to name a few

Now , let's look at what we have so far :

1/ On the " expert compact camera " front , we have the Lx5 , the Canon g12 and the s95 which are merely updates of good existing products ( the Canon updates in particular seem very minimal , to say the least). so here maybe the best news is that it would allow some good deals on those who wanted a LX3 or a G11

2/ on the m4/3 rds front , we just got showered with a ep-2 and a BLACK 17mm existing lens . waouh , some news :(((. I have a feeling that we may not seen the serious olympus m4/3rds that is so missing. As far as oly m4/3rds lenses , for the moment it seems limited to recalculations of the existing kit zooms for the 4/3rds. interesting maybe for those who have the entry bodies currently in the ep line but where are the real "pro " lenses ?

3/ As far as other manufacturers go for APS sensor in a small format , it is almost certain at this point that Nikon won't bring its product until spring 2011 at the earliest even if we may have an announcement with maybe some mock-up
Canon I suspect is not even ready for that segment of the market

Ricoh would bring its 28mm module lens which I will buy but I don't think they have another module coming at the pHotokina

4/ regarding adavanced DSLR , it looks like the D800 is another yerar or so away , and the E5 does not look that promising when looking at new specs.

Another Panasonic sensor I am afraid and the video stuff for all of those who think they need that in a camera

yes , that leaves the rumored Pentax k-5 . let's hope with a Sony sensor and not the Samsung one

I was afraid that my wallet would get some serious trimming because of new exciting products but so far I have to say that Nothing seems really appealing

what about you ? is anyone feeling that the hype generated over new stuff over the last 6 months was maybe a sure sign of a downfall come Photokina ??


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