Lightweight E-3 Alternative - Advice please ?

Started Aug 26, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Just to clarify my point about the E-p1 focussing. I was making a comment about its focussing espeically in a indoor mixed light situation. typical venue for a kids party for eg.

And the E-P1 genuinely struggled and so did the E-520. But the compacts won because all of them had an AF- assist lamp and were indeed much quicker in this particular situation.

Under normal conditions, I have to say ( just back from a trip to the Edinbrugh festival ) the 520 / 14-42 is definitely super quick, E-p1 with m14-42 is not the same speed but acceptably quick as you say - its not a concern in good light but definitely not as fast for action shots like the 520 / 14-42 ( for eg when capturing street artists performing, the 520 got me better shots )

Hope this clarifies


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