No Brainer lenses?

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Re: No Brainer lenses?

inkpensieve wrote:

I would pic a dirt cheap D40 and but a fab lens for that but the problem is, I'm in India! Zero market for used gear!

Is there a reason why you can't access eBay? Can you not get items bought on eBay shipped to where you live in India?

eBay is the logical solution to your situation. I would buy Nikon's older manual focus AI-S lenses, which are often as good or optically superior, in some cases, to new lenses, and can be had for pennies on the dollar.

Please see my other post in this thread regarding the Nikon 24/2.8 AI-S with sample pics. That lens has an effective focal length of 36mm on a DX sensor. Then buy a 35/2 AI-S and you will have an equivalent 52.5mm lens. Then buy a 55/2.8 Micro and you will have an equivalent 82.5mm portrait lens, as well as a macro lens.

You can buy the above three lenses on eBay in near mint condition for under $450 USD for all three. All three are superior lenses in all regards.

Best wishes!

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