Which lens for shooting large paintings?

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Re: Which lens for shooting large paintings?

mh2000 wrote:

BTW, accurate color calibration for the lighting is also something you need to pay attention to ... I use a Color Checker, capture raw files, and use a the Xrite Passport software to create a camera calibration profile. Artists are generally speaking the most finicky clients on getting accurate color when recording their pieces.

Color calibration tools can help get more accurate color under totally controlled conditions, but in reality, people see work in mixed light, then our brains do some generic uncontrolled "light balancing" and it ends up not entirely jibing with the precision recorded from a calibrated camera.

I shot some work for the cover of a European Poetry magazine and the artist absolutely refused to accept the photo even though it was accurately representative of the piece... in the end I had to sit down with her and do completely subjectively "correction" to what the she thought she saw (maybe the bad light in her studio?).

Personally, I've found that the subjective aspect of color correction is often much more important than the differences between custom camera profiles and the stock profile.

Just saying that making it "look good" is often more important than trying to be precise... there is no being precise except for a given lighting condition... and even then, our brains process what we see ... precision is an impossibilty.

While I agree with you, Mark, getting an accurate representation to start with is essential. Then you can tweak it however is needed to satisfy the client..

When I did this with film, it was neigh on impossible to get accuracy without wasting a ton of film and processing, which is what made the service expensive.

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