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Re: TS-2 This Battery Cannot be Used

Alby wrote:

Not sure what happened with the original post's Subject line but it should have read "TS2 Battery Cannot be Used" and not "TS2".

I guess I am the only TS2 with a broken sensor or battery?

It's probably just an unusual problem so no one has any advice. I guess that must be what happens when you try to use a third-party non-chipped battery, but don't know, as I don't have any cameras that demand them. I'd sure be sending it back to Panasonic to fix...the battery ID chip is their own stupid idea, let them fix it.

Let us know what happens; the battery chipping issue has been a very unpopular thorn in Panasonic's foot...perhaps it will get infected and they'll lose the foot, which they fully deserve.

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