who wants a 8-15 small aperture fisheye ??

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Re: this is a great lens for VR stuff +++

1drey wrote:

Now I shoot with 5DMkII and shaved (because Canon doesn't provide circular fisheye for FF cameras) Sigma 10/2.8 fisheye.

Sigma 10 is a good lens with many strong sides - it paints well, the sources of bright light looks beautiful, controls flare very well, it can focus close. One major drawback - CA is not linear and thus can't be completely eliminated.

If new 8-14 lens from Canon will have lower CA and othe parameters comprable with Sigma 10 performance - I'll take it even for $1400.

I totally agree, if the new 8-15mm is any good, it'll be great for VR stuff, since it's 3 lenses in one package (8mm, 10.5mm and 15mm fisheye, and each costs at least $600 on it's own). I will be curious how it will behave as a VR lens.

the difference between f2.8 and f4 won't be a big one, makes almost no difference in terms of dof. besides, most lenses have their sweet spot at 5.6-8 anyway.

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