What's the hardest shot you've taken?

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What's the hardest shot you've taken?

This was actually a question from getolympus on facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/getolympus ) but I found it quite an interesting one, because I feel the answers can teach us a lot about overcoming adversity:

What is the hardest shot you've ever taken, and why?

I posted two of mine, because at first I could only remember this shot:

Reasons it was hard: 1) Had to use my backup E-500 despite having done all my training with E-510 (which had broken), 2) It's a cheetah in full run in the dust and 3) I was doing it with a broken hand, which makes holding a long lens .. not too easy.

On the other hand (no pun int...ended), it was also a very easy shot in that it was staged.

Then I remembered this one:

I think this one may have been harder for me. Also taken with the E-500, this one was in atrocious conditions: under the heavy blanket of leaves of the Rwanda rainforest, during the rain and fog (it's not called gorillas in the mist without reason). It was so dark ...that for most shots I had to use the ZD50 at f/2.0 with the E-510 at ISO1600 (which it does NOT like) and even then had to sit very still to avoid camera shake. To make it even harder the subject was a juvenile gorilla and its black fur was nearly impossible to focus on, especially since it wouldn't sit still. To get to this shoot we had to climb up a muddy volcano for an hour in the dense rainforest, in the rain.

Final part of making it hard? This entire series got destroyed by a computer problem and I had to use some disk recovery voodoo to get them back.

This one was one of the few in the series where I could drop to ISO800. You can see the fog in the background.

(More from this series here: http://www.wizardtrails.com/index.php?p=picsafrica:gorilla )

So what's your hardest shot? And why?
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