The new 85mm is a must and makes the outdated model redundant

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Re: Dumb and Dumber

This reminds me of when the new 50/1.4G was released. Everybody was talking about how great it was -- the culmination of 50 years of nikon expertise making 50mm lenses, this was the very best one they know how to make -- state of the art.

I have to admit, I listened to the propaganda and bought one, sight unseen.

Imagine my surprise when I got it and found out that bar none, it is the slowest focusing AF lens I have ever used, including nasty little kit lenses sold with cheap DSLRs. How could they have made that big a mistake?

I don't care how great the bokah is, how sharp it is, etc., etc. -- if it can't focus fast, it's not a premium lens. It's pathetic that the $100 plastic fantastic 50/1.8 has faster AF than the $500+ super uber lens.

I truly love my Nikon gear, but mis-steps like that one have me waiting with a little more caution before giving B&H my credit card for a newly released product. (and don't even get me started on the D700 flash hotshoe issues, the SB900 duty cycle, and the 70-200mm focal length issues).


mike55 wrote:

Some of you are making decisions based on a lens that isn't even available. Can't you wait for the lens to be released before you love it or hate it. I'm waiting for a side by side test to see if the new 85 is superior to the old one. I think some of the new bashers of the old 85 are gearheads who think their photography will improve if they buy the latest hardware. Save your money for classes or field trips with good teaching pros. It doesn't matter what camera or lens you use if you have zero talent or are too lazy to study.

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