How does the 100-400L compare to my Olympus lens?

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How does the 100-400L compare to my Olympus lens?

I have not used any Canon gear, so maybe you can help me out.

I photographed flying aircraft at an airshow, using my Olympus E-620 and 50-200 swd/EC1.4 lens. With the teleconverter I get 283mm in four-thirds format, or 566mm in FF.

I'm happy with this setup, and got some good shots. But at times I wish I had more reach. Oly makes a 2.0 teleconveter, but it gets mixed reviews.

So now I'm looking into Canon, and I've read good reviews on the 100-400L.

At the long end it is equivalent to 320mm in four-thirds, so that would provide the extra reach I'm looking for. And the Canon 7D gets great reviews. Its 18mp sensor would be good for cropping, it has a hight burst rate, video, and some other features I like. I'm thinking the 7D - 100-400L might make a great airshow setup .

But some reviews say the 100-400 is a bit soft at the long end.
That concerns me a bit, because I consider my Oly lens to be pretty sharp.

If it were much less sharp than my Oly, I don't think I'd buy the 100-400, and just stick with what I have.

I'd like your opinion if you have used both lenses. Or take a look of the shots I took with my 50-200. Tell me if the 100-400 can match it in sharpness.
If you have any flying aircraft photos from the 100-400, I'd like to see them.

Many thanks in advance!

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