Considering ditching Canon (after 30 years) ... getting left behind

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Re: Considering ditching Canon (after 30 years) ... getting left behind

rinkos wrote:

have you seen nex scores?

Yes, I have. Look at:

The 5DMkII scores a 79, with an overall ranking of 7th

The NEX5 scores a 69, with an overall ranking of 22nd.

That's quite a difference.

mkII is 3.9 fps while the nex can go 7...furthermore..the nex on paper at least has more dynamic range not to mention the hdr shots it can make and twilight handling mode...

Like I said in my post, many cameras are technically more advanced than many Canon models. I'm glad for that and welcome their achievements because competition makes better cameras for all of us. My point was that, IMO Canon and Nikon are more hesitant to incorporate the latest and greatest technology and concentrate on image quality.

another thing is fz100 is one generation above the fz35...

Aren't you forgetting the FZ40, which was the follow on to the FZ35?

but the issue is here cannon....i personally dont believe cannon just sat on their back and not joined the race..i think cannon acted out of marketing considerations rather than consumers and with nikon kept their hand on the gold eggs of big DSLRS entry mid high and pro...

i can only imagin the frustration many of you with high priced cannon lenses bought and handled with love...only to be spit upon from canon...i know i would be mad...

I think you're over-reacting. I'm not mad at all. I'm happy with my Canons, and I'm still happy with my Nikons. I don't have a brand loyalty or a need to have the latest technology - I just want the best image quality that I can get for the money that I can afford to pay. I was very excited about the FZ100, but I'm going to wait a while until the dust settles and verify its image quality issues for myself.

its a shame but thats the you cant be surprised many just go over to another side with this....

Your making a lot of assumptions here. That may be the situation for you, but not THE situation. As for people switching camera brands, I certainly have no problem with that as I have done it several times myself. Like I said, whatever works best for you.

by the way here is the flip of a coin...on how a company know for not listening ( SONY ) ...actually did listen to us...

they made nex...and a lot of complaints and requests where made...and what do you know...less than 5 months from nex release you see all the requests made in the image of a55/a33 and the new a560 a580 soon to come...

I'm glad you think so. Sony is a great company and they produce many fantastic products.

only the gesture alone know that your feedback is recieved makes you continue being loyal to that brand.

Like I said, I have no brand loyalty. I simply use what works best for me. It's great that we have so many wonderful cameras to choose from, whether they are Canon, Nikon, Sony or whatever. My post was only to give the original poster something to think about because I have switched brands several times myself.

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