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Re: That's not really the reason why

Rocketship, I seem to fit in category 2. I have a T1i, bought 6/09, firstly for indoor sports shooting and secondly for all around family use (no interest in video). My 1st DSLR so seemed a good starting point. 7D came a out a couple of mo. later. T2i came around quickly thereafter & had nice improvements.

Soon after the start of basketball was wishing for better high ISO performance and more fps. Seemed too soon to upgrade and anyway while the 50D had the fps it had same ISO performance as T1i, T2i had better ISO performance but only 0.3 faster fps, and the 7D was going thru its break-in period and seemed somewhat indimidating in the AF area. So, I began waiting for the 60D.

I can see how 40&50D users have problems with the new specs. I don't like the loss in the fps from the predecessor and was looking forward to having MF (wasn't looking for a 7D lite but sure thought MA would stay). While the new articulating screen and some other features don't do anything for me, I do like a lot of what it does have over my T1i, so now to choose between 7D and 60D. The 7D is a great camera. But this might be final year shooting sports as daughter will have to make high school teams next year for it to continue. So as I don't do BIF (looks fun & challenging but I don't have the time for it at present) and given that sports may go away it seems the 60D might be the safe bet.

Given what I've laid out, any thoughts on which camera best fits the bill? Am I overlooking something? Are there areas other than fast action photography where the 7D will clearly outshine the 60D? If I don't have sports shooting and my camera becomes more just general family usage I would likely appreciate the smaller size/weight of 60D. Of course the 7D is the only xxD left standing that has MA (maybe better stated as only current model 1.6 crop with MA as is hard to keep the classes straight anymore). Will also have to see some 60D testing.

PS: What will really tick me off is if I buy the 60D and its next version or the T3i come with MA.

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