7D Autofocus - WOW!!!

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Re: 7D Autofocus - WOW!!!

I can't see what your inability to get in focus images has to do with slartz's successes?

He's amazed and happy with what he's getting from his 7D - you're still getting OOF images. Don't knock him - maybe check what you're doing wrong?


akin_t wrote:

You might want to review your images before singing hallelujah from the mountains.

My 7D locks focus in low light too, still some of the images are slightly OOF. It's nothing exceptional in my opinion.

slartz wrote:

I'm pretty new to my 7D (coming from 30D) so I'm still amazed by it...

I knew the AF was improved, and all the additional points and stuff. But all that aside - the thing just does incredible AF in near complete darkness.

I went to a party two nights ago, and forgot my flash at home, so I shot with built in flash. After the 3rd person kindly asked me to not blind them before the photo, I turned off the AF assist beam (i.e. annoying pre flashes).

I was amazed at how well and how fast the 7D was able to AF in near darkness using a slow lens (15-85). I could barely see in my own eyes things the 7 locked on. It did, occasionally, hunt a bit, but that was in real extreme situations. For the most part, the AF was incredible. I'm keeping my AF assist beam off permanently...

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