Canon 15- 85 Vignetting

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Re: Canon 15- 85 Vignetting

Dale Buhanan wrote:


That doesn't look like the normal vignetting of the 15-85 wide open. It is too abrupt and the normal vignetting is symetrical and has a softer gradation as the image circle light falls off.

Your examples look like shadowing caused external to the lens.

agree. I tried two copies of the 15-85 and none of them showed such extreme, abrupt vignetting as in the OP's pictures. At least not near 15mm where I have taken a lot of images at f 3.5-f/5.6. Both my copies showed decentering problems (which vary a bit with focusing), but no vignetting except for the very gradual darkenng that is normal for such a lens wide open.

I would take a blue sky picture or something similar without the hood and see what it looks like.

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