**** Challenge 107 - Water RESULTS ****

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**** Challenge 107 - Water RESULTS ****

Thank you to everyone who participated, at the end of the day there were 57 images that qualified. There were a couple of multiple posts and a couple of "not Nikon camera" posts, so the actual number of images in the thread is a couple of more. I must say that there is really fine work in this challenge!

Now for the results. Here are the top twelve images (there were ties for positions 5 and 6, in those cases the images are listed in alphabetical order using the photographers DPR name.)

10. kajat -- Mist Rolling In

Well seen and composed. I would very much have liked to see at least some detail in the ridge that's silhouetted.

9. jadlh -- Water colors at Bahia Honda

Very subtle and very much one of the "faces" of the Carribean.

8. guilford -- Refreshingly Solid

Well done, and it just made me smile.

7. Jos12 -- Battle!

I really like the story this image is telling and the strong sense of motion. In a perfect world I'd have preferred more detail in the sail and the spray at the bow of the boat on the left.

6. (tie between dummy and neil bryant)

dummy -- Calm/Chaotic

Simple and well presented. The overall balance is nice.

neil bryant -- Up to My Neck in it

This really got a chuckle out of me. Certainly not "traditional", but a good portrait nonetheless.

5. (tie between davidmamartin and mikkoj)

davidmamartin -- Crossing the water

You really like this bridge! I like the very slight, and natural HDR, feel that this has.

mikkoj -- Broken

Ice or salt, I never did quite make up my mind (either can make structures like that). The tonality of this is very nice, it's a very well done B&W conversion.

4 Rajeshb -- The force that is water

I've seen this image a couple of times before and each time I'm struck by how complete it is.

3. DezM -- Reflect

I like the layers of conceptual contrasts in this that are created and enhanced an overall superb composition.

2. rhlpetrus -- flowing sea after sunset

Simple, elegant, calming, and very well seen.

1. minhay -- Water drops

Very well executed and very striking! Congratulations on your win and I hope you accept hosting the next Challenge!

If you don't accept or do not acknowledge the win in the next 72 hours, the first runner-up will be the next host.

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